Two training axes, several levels

Training without time limits, without endangering the patient, and for a wide range of students.

Technical Case Studies

This first stage of training aims at mastering a technical competence.

The trainee is placed in front of a virtual patient, in a clinical context that requires the appropriate procedure for its stabilization.

That allows him/her to practice, for each gesture, the sequence of setup of the equiment, the anatomical markers, etc...

Technical gesture
For medical and paramedical personnel in operation and in f
ormation (national and international); built on existing protocols.

Technical Case Studies in situation

Learning inside contextualized "Damage Control" scenarios

The trainee's immersed in a critical crisis situation, to practice understanding and analysis of it in its entirety (seriousness and type of injuries, triage ...) as well as the specific management of patients.

Damage Control blessure par balle

Damage Control Subway Scenario

Damage Control

For medical and paramedical personel, and anyone working in public safety, for any sensitive site, or welcoming the public (schools, subways, industrial, nuclear, chemical, military, etc...)

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